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Stop Sweating & Start Living Review

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Reviewer: Candace Smith
Hello my name is Candace Smith and I was a sufferer of underarm sweating hyperhidosis. Excessive sweating was ruining my life and I finally found something that actually worked.

I want to tell you about it because I know how much this condition hypderhidrosis affects your life, it just plain sucks. Ive made this small website so I can help people with this disorder. I was so embarrassed by having huge underarm sweat stains that I would wear a jacket every where I went. There is a product/system that will cure your excessive sweating, you can find out more about it by clicking the graphic to the upper right.

Stop Sweating & Start Living is a system that must be tried by anyone who has ever:

  • Been embarrassed about sweat stains on their clothes.

  • Worn a jacket or other heavy shirt to try to avoid showing your sweat stains.

  • Changed your shirt at work or school so people wouldn't see your sweat stains.

  • Excessive sweating has seriously affected your performance at school or work.

  • Excessive sweating has seriously affected your personal/social life.

  • You are constantly anxious about sweating.

  • You have dried your shirt with a hair dryer or other methods to get rid of sweat stains

  • Are you basicly overwhelmed by this horrible condition and need some help?

The excessive sweating started when I hit puberty and got increasingly worse through out my teens. I developed an anxiety disorder because of this excessive sweating problem. It was seriously affecting my life. I hated it. Just get this guy's E book called Stop Sweating & Start Living and watch the anxiety melt away. You wont be sweating and you wont be worrying. Take your jacket off and relax.

Please post your comments below for all to see, thanks

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Name: Jerry
Date: June 16th 5:41pm
Ya i got this last week and so far so good. thanks. my 2 cents

Name: Julia
Date: June 14th 3:54pm
oh my god this is a must for girls. i hate this stupid sweating problem, i just ordered it the other day and it seems to be working ok so far

Name: Lisa
Date: June 11th 11:09am
does anyone know if this is guaranteed to work or not? seems to be working for most people?

Name: Michy from ny
Date: 01-17-10 8:24pm
I think this is what i need, i sweat profusely from my under arms. how does it work for girls? same way? thank you michy.

Name: Jess at school
Date: 01-22-10 9:36pm
I downloaded it a couple nights ago and i wanted to come chcek if anyone else was having any luck, i think im starting to dry up.

Name: Amanda
got this program on recommendation from a forum... total crazy procedure but ive dried up atleast 60%. The procedure is a bit of a pain but it totally works, i just hope it keeps working. thanks amanda

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